IN April 2012, Leysin American School (LAS) with the assistance of Mr. Helmut Emele as its artistic director, started a concert series. ‘Belle Epoque Magique’ that takes place on a monthly basis in the stunningly restored ‘Grande Salle’ of LAS’ Belle Epoque building.   The concerts are supported by the Commission Culturelle Leysin & Aigle, Imprimerie Nouvelle Leysin, Leysin-Les Mosses-Aigle Tourism, Transports Publiqes du Chablais, Banque Cantonal Vaudoise, Vignerons d’Aigle, and local commerce.   In 1892, The Grand Hôtel of the Belle Epoque, the first sanatorium in Leysin, was completed. It was designed for the elite of the world suffering from tuberculosis (TB). It hosted amongst others, Czar Nicholas II of Russia, King Alphonso XIII of Spain, Marie Curie, Josephine Baker, Rainer Maria Rilke and Albert Camus. Igor Stravinski wrote most of the ‘Rite of Spring’ in Leysin in 1911 when his wife, Katarina, was recovering from TB. Mahatma Gandhi, when visiting Mrs. Nehru in 1931, wife of the first prime minister of India, spent time lecturing to patients.   In 2008, LAS purchased the building and in painstaking restoration brought it back to its former glory. It now serves students in the last two years of secondary study completing the International Baccalaureate Diploma program.  The exquisite Grande Salle provides a beautiful venue for the Belle Epoque Magique concerts enhanced by the phenomenal view of the Alps.


*Come meet the musicians following the concert in La Cave and enjoy traditional ‘verre d’amitié’ (snacks and drinks).

Marc Sturzenegger
Wednesday, September 13
at 19h00
Trio Alci

Marc Sturzenegger
Friday, October 27
at 20h00
Villars Vanguard Jazz Orchestra

Marc Sturzenegger
 Sunday,November 26
at 19h00
Ensemble Cabaret 21

Marc Sturzenegger
Wednesday, January 17
at 19h00
Brown Derbies

Friday, February 23
at 19h00
Cosa Nostra Jazz Band

Marc Sturzenegger
Monday, April 2
at 17h00
Duo Dalma: Marie Lys & Joaão Araújo

Marc Sturzenegger
Sunday, April 29
at 19h00
Street Lemon

Marc Sturzenegger
Sunday, July 1
at 19h00
Riviera Jazz Connection


How to reach the Belle Époque Campus

By Train: The cog train from Aigle to Leysin makes the journey in less than 30 minutes, a service that runs every hour during the day. You will exit at the Grand Hôtel at the 4th and final stop in Leysin. The concert series is timed according to the train’s hourly schedule. For the train timetable, please visit sbb.ch

By Car: For specific driving instructions, please click here. Parking spots are available in front of our Belle Epoque Campus.

Grand Hôtel, Belle Epoque Campus
Leysin American School
Chemin de la Source 3
Leysin, 1854
Phone: +41 24 493 4888
Email: concerts-magiques@las.ch